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Traveling Notebooks

Hello! I'm currently living in Australia (Orange, New South Wales to be exact) but I am from Seattle, Washington born and raised... I'm working on these two notebooks. I've gotten one set back, the first set and it turned out amazing. I'm doing different ones for Australia/New Zealand and America/Canada as well as an all around international version of the notebooks.

I'm looking for people all over the world to help me out, it's kind of a "guide to" your country, city, what it's like to live there, a postcard or something, drawings, recipes, pretty much whatever you'd like to put in the notebook with a little bit about yourself. Then you pass it onto the next person. There's currently one notebook going to each continent, 3 of the sets are traveling (to Africa, South America and Asia) and there's notebooks (two sets) going around the US, and one set in Canada and Australia. Let me know if you'd like to help me out with these notebooks. They travel together and one is for my son (when he grows up) and one is for my brother who is interested in the world...

Kind of a surprise thing, I know he'll love the first version I want to surprise him with more. So email me (sara.ringham@gmail.com), message me or comment here if you are interested in helping me out! Thanks so much!

Let me know if this is too off topic, I've been looking for people from all over and if it's too off topic let me know and I'll delete it!

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