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Flag counter project!

Hello everyone! My name is Kelly and I live near Tampa, Florida in the United States. I'm extremely interested in the cultures and languages of foreign countries! In fact, I'm fluent in both English and Japanese and am in my fifth year of Mandarin Chinese. I'd really love to speak to some of you, so feel free to leave a comment!

My main reason for making this post, however, is a small request. I'm doing a project for school in which I'm trying to see how many people from different countries I'm able to come in contact with. If you'd be so kind, no matter where you live, please click the link below to add to my flag counter!

free counters

Thank you guys so much; I really don't know how to convey my gratitude! I'd also love to speak to any of you and learn about the culture of your country!

(Moderators, if this post is unacceptable, please feel free to delete it! Thank you!)
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