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Africa Opinions

My wife and I are planning on going on our last big vacation for a little while, so we're looking to make it a good one. Right now it looks like an African safari trip is on the top of the list. I was just wondering about a few things, and I'm hoping some of you might have some advice.

Has anyone gone on an African safari using Friendly Planet?
We booked with them for a trip to Egypt, and it was pretty good. A little rushed at times, but a good experience nonetheless. They seem to have some good deals for other parts of Africa.

Does anyone have any opinions on where and when is best to go?
We're leaning heavily towards Friendly Planet's Kenya Safari, booking sometime between June - September. It's the best time for us, and we figure it'll give us a shot at seeing the Great Migration.

We had also considered the South Africa trip, but it seems to have too much city stuff going on, and we're more interested in the wildlife and maybe visiting some small villages. We're not looking for all-out camping, but we like the idea of the lodges.

Tanzania is also on our list, but the trips that I've seen look like they're just a bit over budget. We'd like to keep it as far under $4k per person as possible, including airfare. The Friendly Planet trip seems to be one of the few that will allow that.

Are there any other African destinations that we might be overlooking (in our price range)?

Thanks in advance for any advice and opinions.

As an aside, our other options are their Ecuador & Galapagos Islands trip, or possibly Japan. But we're really feeling strongly about Africa so far.
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