Ben (djdysfunction) wrote in traveltheglobe,

Learning a Language

Sorry if this isn't totally relevant here, but I was wondering what methods some of my fellow travelers have used to learn a language. My wife and I recently went to Peru, and were kind of ashamed to be among the few people we encountered who were monolingual. Our one guide said that it's fairly common, in his experience, for people from English speaking countries to speak only English. But we decided that we'd like to at least try to learn another language and Latin American Spanish makes the most sense for us. We both studied it some in high school, and know a tiny bit. It's also widely spoken in our area.

Rosetta Stone seems to be the popular choice, but it's cost and a few bad reviews have left us a bit apprehensive about pulling the trigger on that purchase.

Have any of you had good experiences with it?
If not, do you have any other recommendations?

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