Ben (djdysfunction) wrote in traveltheglobe,

Macchu Pichu Trip

My wife and I are trying to book a trip to Peru / Macchu Pichu. We're looking to go sometime between August - October, probably for 11 nights or so. So far, we're hard set on doing the trek up the Inca Trail. We'd like to spend one night at a hotel up at Macchu Pichu, so we can shower, relax, and get up bright and early to see the sunrise. We're also looking to spend 2 nights in Lima, 2 nights in Cuzco, and 2 - 3 nights on a jungle excursion (probably Iquitos). I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions or advice as far as which tour groups are best, or what else we should see or do. The time in Lima and Cuzco will be pretty much free time, so we'd be open to suggestions of things to do there. And if there's something else that we really shouldn't miss, I'd love to hear about it. The only major thing that we wanted to see that we just can't fit into our budget is the Nazca Lines. But I'd love to hear from some of you about your experiences, opinions, and suggestions.

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